Drupal IRSSI/Console Setup

This is my dedicated stand alone drupal irssi setup. Here are some features:

  • Autoconnects to irc.freenode.net
  • Joins my fav channels #php and #drupal
  • Included customized and configured version of Console
  • Custom reshacked system tray icon
  • Custom irssi theme

You can of course easily change which channels and networks it joins by consulting the irssi documentation.



  • Install the font: Dina
  • Extract IRC.zip
  • Run IRC.bat

Don’t forget to set your nick and such:

/set nick somenick
/set user_name someuser
/set real_name Bob User

To switch windows type:

/w 1 #To go to Status window
/w 2  ### To go to #drupal window
/w 3  ### To go to #php window

Download Link: http://floatsolutions.net/docs/IRC.zip

Irssi and Console are GNU Open Source Software Packages.